Wednesday, April 09, 2008

This is a brainspill.

I haven't done a brainspill in years.

What's a brainspill, you ask?

It's a game I made up when young (14?) to get out stress or start myself writing assignments, or letters- i just had to write-- limited editing, tangential fragments of ideas welcome, no, celebrated... I remember having a whole folder named 'brainspills' to hold them all. So basically it was a free-write. but I either hadn't heard of free-writes or free-write wasn't a graphic enough description of what I thought I was doing... this is coming from a person whose blog is called 'batspit' (that reminds me- I want to discuss my blog title soon). I had almost forgotten about my brainspills until I recently saw someone describe their blog as such- a brainspill (can't remember the blog, rabbit-hole of link clicking and all that).
So there was my word, my old way of describing and identifying what I do... honestly? I was annoyed. Felt slighted, in a way... I suppose I'm fairly possessive about words and ideas I thought were mine alone. Even when I haven't used them in years.

What's that?

Oh, thanks for reminding me. My blog title.

I think I've outgrown it. Wish I'd thought about it more than just using the screenname I was using for other sights at the time. Or maybe if I'd titled it 'bat spits'... I don't really remember what mental equation I used so long ago to get that name... I've gotten a few compliments of it here and there but I've also got some raised eyebrows and subtle mocking... But I haven't thought of anything better that what I've had, so... I've also been thinking of switching over to wordpress. Maybe when I think of a new title I'll make the move. Maybe.

What makes for a good blogtitle, anyway? Some of them just make you want to click them, and some turn you away... I think Batspit has originality going for it, and its fairly easy to remember, short. I like short. But I also like funny...

And what makes for a good screen name, do you suppose?


Pare said...

For what it's worth, I love your blog title. It's one of the reasons I added you to my reader the moment I found you. I thought, this blog? This blog underSTANDS me.

[end 2 cents]

Pare said...

I would SO be your pharmacist, baby! ;)

maggie, dammit said...

I happen to LOVE the name Batspit. I wouldn't change a thing, if I were you. And you might not want to explain it, either, it lends an enigmatic air - which is hot. And hot is good.

Interesting thoughts about blurring the monkey line, and greatly appreciated. I was kind of thinking the same thing myself, that people who had a really strong opinion on what I wrote hadn't really read what I'd written at all - you know?

I see my BFF Pare got here before me. That's a good sign that this is a very good blog. Off to peruse....

Jackie said...

I'm so sad you can't remember how you came up with batspit. And I agree you should keep it. It's original, a little edgy, and yeah enigmatic (I might have to go look that up now).