Tuesday, April 01, 2008

the meaning of meaningless holidays

I have a new favorite website. Better than a website of websites, this is THE site.

At this point you may be wondering, 'what kind of site is it? Why has she not linked to it yet? Why has she said nothing gushing, nothing snarky, nothing at all of any substance or amusement about it?

Well, I answer you, somethings are just too fun to mar with commentary.

Decide for yourself, narrate and forward as you will.

And whatever you do, don't follow this link.


Tessa Enright said...

oh great, i had to close all my tabs thanks to your reverse psychology!

Tessa Enright said...

lol, no. i was just like DANGIT!! i couldn't get it to go away. and then when i closed my browser i accidentally chose 'restore session" so it opened it again :)
but i was amused as well.

Daniel said...

OH, OH oh-oh-oh-oh. You got me good. I was so glad i wasn't in class when that happened.

Laura said...

so...a friend sent me this link a couple of weeks ago & i got a pretty good laugh out of it.
the video is simply hilarious.

but to be got a second time...ugh.
haha, good one.

Murray said...

My husband was just telling me about this... Of course I clicked... and he heard, and laughed at me as he's apt to do.