Saturday, April 19, 2008

I fell asleep

I can't sleep. Can't remember if I already took sleeping pills or not, so I took another one just in case. I can't stop thinking and muttering curses under my breath. So I write.

I hate iphoto. I have an overwhelming number of digital photos. I suppose its better than having an overwhelming number of paper photos. Except thanks to iphoto my hard-drive is as cluttered as my real closet.

I recently read an organization blog where the author referred to non-digitized space as meat space. I think she did it to contrast the clean, clutterless everlasting purity of the digitzed with the germy, bloody, drama of the physical.

I didn't do that in my sentence, because I wanted the reader to actually pay attention to what I was saying, and not go off on a mental tangent about why the word 'meat space' is upsetting (like I just did). Why is it I never bookmark these sites?

-This is where I fell asleep, apparently-

This week was hell incarnate, with school-work-meetings back to back and very little time for me or for working on papers. It was unbelievably beautiful all week, perfect blue skies, soft breezes- but its Saturday morning now so the weather changed to gray and chilly.

And my canary is molting. I don't really know what that means other than he isn't singing. He has one feather that is cock-eyed and it's all I can do not to reach over and pluck it off him. I'm not sure if that's the right thing to do or not- I've never had a bird before Archimedes. Sounds like I need to do a bit of internet research, doesn't it?

Thanks for all your guesses on the last post. If you emailed me your address you'll be getting a postcard soon. If I haven't sent you an email asking for your address yet be patient- I will.


GraceArtemis said...

I don't know about canaries but when ducks molt, they lose most of the big feathers they have on their wings and tail and they look raggedy for a while. It takes a few weeks and then they'll be back to normal. Don't pluck the feather, it might hurt Archimedes. I think some birds might also temporarily lose their ability to fly when they are molting, but you should probably check if that's true for canaries.

Jackie said...

Sorry about your week, hope things improve for you and your bird. And yes, once you mentioned the phrase "meat space" my mind had gone far far away to that other tangent.

foxofmanytales said...

Mmmm, no. No plucking. Let him have access to water, so he can bathe often to keep new feathers clean.

Websites are varying on how long it's supposed to last. Some say a month, some say three. I'd guess two.

But they all say bathe 'em, don't pluck, and give 'em extra protien or molting supplement. Extra veggies too.

Pet store trip?

Also, it takes a lot of energy so don't be suprised if he's tired and doesn't sing until he's done.

Sorry, I know you have books but I worry and wanna help.

Plus ihavetoknowihaveto. :P.

Love you.