Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Metaphore, Simile

Fascinating (long) NYT article and youtube time-lapsed footage of a man trapped in an elevator for 41 hours.

yep, you heard right. forty. one. hours. alone. in an elevator.

The guy was just heading down to smoke a cigarette, so he left his jacket behind. No one to talk to, no way to tell how much time has passed-- it would probably make me crazier than I already am. The video is so lonely, so... upsettingly familiar... reminiscent of... I won't say it. I'd just hate to be that obvious.

I wonder, would it be better to get stuck in an elevator with another person, or would it be better to get stuck alone? I'm sure it depends on the person you're stuck with. But for me at least, anyone would be better than no one. I could do a life history in that time and come out calling it fieldwork. But, I'm forced to ask myself, then what happens when if you have to poo? If you're alone in a trapped elevator its not such an issue, but with two... well, poo looms large. [ed. note: that's as fun to type as it is to say. Poo Looms Large. hehehehe].

I wonder what I would have done. If I was wearing a jacket that day I would have taken it, but I might have left my purse upstairs. If it was nice out and I didn't wear a jacket I would have had my purse, and that, ladies and gentlemen, has enough in it to sustain a small community of artists for a week. Books, pens, paper galore, I think I even have a small packet of anti-biotic cream and a band-aid in there. Moral of the story? Take your purse, you may need it. I'm talking to you too guys. I know you've got one. Sure, you may call it a back-pack, you may refer to it as your grocery sack, but a bag is a purse is a sac is something to do when you're trapped in an elevator.

Elevators are excellent social science laboratories-- don't believe me? Just try facing the wall next time when you get in-- the laws of elevator proxemics are rigid and strict. Break them and it causes all kinds of discomfort.

And yes, I realize the photo has nothing to do with the post, thanks.


Jenn said...

I got your post card over the weekend. Thank you! I love that you addressed it Jenn of the awesome blog. You made me giggle.

foxofmanytales said...

Ok, that's the first time I've ever already heard about something you'd linked to.

....I feel awesome now :D.

maggie, dammit said...


How does this happen?

I did Outward Bound way back in the day, and at one point during the 23-day trek you had to spend three days on solo. They took away everything, including our watches, and we sat all on our own for three days with no way of knowing how much time was passing. I honestly went a little crazy. It felt like weeks.

I can't imagine what that man went through.

Laura said...

hahaha, I just love this post.
Aside from the crazy story, your take on it is just hilarious!

Jackie said...

First off the space is too, too small. I already feel the walls closing in on me...stop stop stop!
Got my postcard too - thank you, and I can't believe your change adding up to so much! Did you do the artwork on the card?