Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I cuss like a Canadian

What a shitty mood I've been in today. A shit mood. A fucking ungood nonpleasant dejoy of a mood. I wish I could cuss like the Trailer Park Boys. I'd call the mood I've been in a goddamn cocklick dingleboxing churchsuck of mood. But, regretfully, I am not the Trailer Park Boys and am forced by lack of creativity to intentionally misuse prefixes.

Best kind of weather today- balmy, warm, lots of diffused light and short, fragrant rain storms... perfect. Perfect weather can piss off.


Jackie said...

I see that I'm only going to be able to check in when the kids are at school! : )

foxofmanytales said...

Just so long as I don't have to tell you there's no such thing as Shithawks.

Churchsuck? Man, I'm stealing that.