Monday, March 24, 2008

a little knowledge is a dangerous thing

(typed with a white-trash southern accent) So I got me one of them sitemeters (stop accent, it's too annoying). I’ve always thought my own little blog was read by only my sister, my pen-pals, and my guy. But apparently, dear lurkers, there are quite a few of you.

I was kind of hoping that they would all be referred from 20 something bloggers. But no. It made me so happy to see the familiar and expected from Redlands, Carbondale, Oulu, and Chicago. But why were there so many from Memphis? The people I’d always assumed were reading were significantly absent, as well. Where’s the hit I expected from the middle of the ocean? (Where my aunt and gparents are now, on a cruise). Where’s the traffic from the fam in Missouri? Why, oh why are there so many from Memphis?

I’ve been struggling with the idea of internet anonymity lately…. maybe I should learn some. What do you think? (and, my lovely lurkers, you’re welcome to answer as well. Though to do so might cause you to disappear in a poof of logic).


foxofmanytales said...

......I want one of those things.

And you have memphis viewers because of your posts relating to memphis :P.

Just because you've moved doesn't mean you've stopped being interesting.

Tessa Enright said...

well if you're wondering who is visiting from germany, i found you on the 20 something site.

i use google analytics to track. and it is interesting/confusing to see the places people come from, or the google searches that lead them to my blog...
Musings of an Ami in Deutschland

Laura said...

1)nice picture of the lake.
2)i just recently got sitemeter, too...& i agree. it's pretty crazy to see who is reading & also where they find the link to my blog.

Prodigal Jon said...

I think you're right. Honestly. For the first dozen or so posts I linked to that piece where I said I took the idea from stuff white people like. I should probably put a link back into the new posts that says, "Where I took this idea from"

I am upfront with it, so I might as well let people know.

But again, thanks for posting and making sure I am keeping it on the up and up. I appreciate it.