Saturday, March 22, 2008

in which she procrastinates

I found this group of bloggers the other night called 20 something bloggers. So far, I've already found another blogger in my hometown (hi Laura!) and with a population of only 25,500 that's quite the feat. I've found so many interesting blogs I hardly know where to start reading. And they're all so honest. I don't know if I can write with that kind of honesty here, but seeing how well it works for others, I just may give it a try.

And weirdly, I feel pressure to step-up my own blogs, make them as interesting as the ones I've been finding.
Maybe I'll take one of their prompts, or memes, or whatever the hell the word might be, and use that as a jump-start for creative blogging.

But, if I'm going to do any writing, it really ought to be for the two term papers hanging over my head that are making breathing and writing and eating and waking up the most stressful events. I'm a little stress ball.

I need to find a man and a woman this weekend to interview about 'what it means to be a man' or 'what makes a good man'. Unfortunately, it seems I only have guy friends, and when asked that question they do NOT respond well. My co-worker laughed and ran away. My buddy responded "Hotdogs. Hotdogs and beer". and then refused to say anything further. And while I like his answer I can't turn "Hotdogs. Hotdogs and beer" into a workable paper.

So, when I finish this and take a shower, I'm going to start writing about Women in Agriculture. Or maybe about the urban community garden I worked with in Memphis. Or maybe I'll send out those emails I've been meaning to... or I'll dick around with photoshop and read endlessly entertaining blogs.

I've had this turning around in my head for a while: if you like snarky, self-obsessed, highly privileged, wine drinking, book reading, needy, verbose, acerbic, witty, debt building, and culture humping blogs, then 20 something bloggers is for you.

(I fit most of those.)


Anonymous said...

I bet if you put your mind and heart into the work you can get it done.

Laura said...

Hey! Thanks for the shout out!
Procrastination pretty much defines my life, so I feel your pain on that one.
Find anyone for those interviews yet?

BatSpit said...

oh silly stupid me ::smacks forehead:: why didn't i link your name to your blog?!

GraceArtemis said...

Again, I can so relate. I have been a huge stress ball for the past couple of months and it hasn't been a pretty sight: I have had bouts of hysterical weeping and laughing on the same day. Here's a piece of advice I read in a thesis writing book: the only sure way to get rid of writing stress is to start writing. I hate that advice but unfortunately it's true.