Tuesday, February 12, 2008

You try so hard it almost works

I don't know how I got to Prada's website, anything so expensive it doesn't have a price tag is beyond me (and probably cost more than my car... but not my laptop!)
Nonetheless, its a nice website and they have this short film called Trembled Blossoms that's quite pretty. Music by CocoaRosie... who, after being featured in Prada, can hopefully afford to fly me to their next show.
CocoaRosie sisters, are you listening? I see why you did it, Prada is just trying so hard to be cool and cutting edge its hard not to feel for them. And it almost works. But in my opinion, shoes should not cost more than a house in the Greek islands. But if you really, really want to send a pair to me... I guess that would be ok.

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