Tuesday, February 26, 2008

3 Leg Torso

We went to see 3 Leg Torso Friday night at the Getty center (who better have payed them well). If you ever get a chance to see them, GO! I love those guys! Such awesome performers, such great music. I've seen them twice now: a memorably awesome NYE performance in their native Portland, Oregon, and now at ultra-ritzy and snobby- I mean- reserved Getty Center in L.A. They rocked it, and hard. While few at the Getty had heard of 3 Leg Torso before, they were hooked by the end of the first song. And how could they not be? The band is so fun to watch, so awesome to hear, so wonderful to move to, you can almost taste the ribbon of joy which infuses their performance.
If you've only heard their albums, you're missing some of the fun. The between song banter and song set-ups are hillarious, I'll edit this later and tell you of a few of them.
I asked Gary Irvine the name of an instrument he used (other favorite instrument of the night: bird-call) but I've already forgotten- metal, water in the base with spires all around it? He said it was used in all the old scary movies... Wish I could remember the name...
And they promised to play in Illinois sometime!!! I told you they were great guys!

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