Friday, June 06, 2008

I can hope

(Dickcissel, Spiza americana)

My cousin is getting married tomorrow- ordinarily I look forward to weddings with the zest only a cultural anthropologist can bring to ritual drinking and procreation events, but not this one. This one will invariably come with my father, who will either be crazy and embarrassing, drunk and embarrassing, or, (most likely) crazy, drunk and embarrassing. And he will want to talk to me, I’m sure. Will want to tell me about my neglected pets, childhood heroes, now dead or “still hanging on”. Will want to know where I live now, and what I do for a living.
However, there is a small chance that he will feel so… crazy drunk and annoying that he won’t want to go. I can hope, but I know I’m not that lucky.


BatSpit said...

Hey, "Kris10"? I'm the only one who can mention my dad on my blog.

It's a rule.

The only exception is if you also curse him cleverly in the same sentence. For example, "Your father, may he stub his toe daily..."

Daniel said...

Lea, I am sorry i wasn't there to go to the wedding with you. I promise i will make it up to you some how, some day.

Anonymous said...

Glad you....drove fast, sat a moment, walked the line faster and hugged so sweetly! Also left ASAP to avoid a S.L.O.B. (he-he)Sorry, Lonley, Blah Blah, I don't want to curse my Grandmother! :) I Love you and so glad you were there(briefly) ;)

Maggie, Dammit said...

Did you survive? Are you OK?