Thursday, June 26, 2008

because you needed one more thing on your to-do list

1. down the rabbit hole

2. meanadic

3. batspit

4. a meanad's revival

5. overwhelmed and underimpressed

6. batspits

7. capricorn sun

8. apparently

10. 342735

11. my other glasses

12. awake, absurd

13. absurdly bat

14. if you were me

15. bat in retrograde

I need a new new new blog. I just can't figure out what I want to call it. I want it to be short, unique, easy to spell, and I want it to fit me.

This compels me to ask myself what it is I think my blog will accomplish, what it will be about- what I'm about.

In thirty seconds:

I write. I live, I take photos, I study people, I read, I write. I am cute as a fucking button, I smoke, I do dishes, I help little old ladies and small defenseless spiders, I was an oxymoron until that became too trendy. I'm what you wish your sister was like. [my thirty seconds ended here] I don't know why I write, or what I hope to accomplish from this blog. I just write. And shoot. And sometimes I hit "publish".


So pick me a name.

Seriously. I'm open to suggestions. I just thought I'd give you 15 or so as a start.


GraceArtemis said...

I like 12 and 13 but your original name is good too. Figuring out a new name is hard. I ended up using Wiki for that (this list

GraceArtemis said...

Ack, screwed up the link somehow.

GraceArtemis said...

Okay, I give up. I can't do HTML.

Anonymous said...

I like #8 Apparently

Daniel said...

You say you want it to fit huh??? well i suggest number 10

Daniel said...

You say you want it to fit huh??? well i suggest number 10

Pare said...

I keep telling you, I like batspit. But since you're *pushing*, I'm gonna say "apparently." Because that's just funny. For no APPARENT reason. No pun intended. Okay I'm going to stop.

Sew Fab Martha said...

'Batspit' has kindof grown on me! You could add a descriptive word, 'Batspit Writer', 'Cute As Batspit', 'Batspit Pic'.
I am sure you will think of something clever as ever!

BatSpit said...

SEE! It had to grow on you!

Thanks for all the feedback, it's helping a great deal, no sarcasm