Sunday, April 15, 2007

I've been the crew and occasionally captain for my grandparents on their yacht for the past two weeks-- No internet, not happy- not great weather, really awful health-- everyone thinks when you say you're on a yacht you're having fun-- let me tell you, it's not that fun. It's fucking hard ass work. And, not only are you responsible for a yacht, you're (I'm) responsible for my, my grandparents, and their dog's life. The ocean is pretty- pretty boring and pretty terrifying.

But, I'm on Captiva island, and this might just be the most beautiful spot on this earth. It makes up for 8+hours of absolute terror-- it's that damn pretty. I have about a million pictures, bear with me. And thanks Eleni and Kieth, yours words got me through the worst day I can remember. The next time someone tells you how much they love the open water,just go ahead and hit them for me.

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