Friday, April 27, 2007

Indian Killer, a review

Indian Killer, Sherman Alexie

Not his usual story—this book has an element of suspense. I absolutely loved it, but then, I love everything Alexie writes. The Indian Killer is either an Indian who kills white people—much like the ghost dance (the Indian killer is the ghost dance, I believe) but it could be read another way—white people are the Indian killer, killing Indians left and right with only that same theme of humanity running through their heads: “Our way feels so right, so their way must be wrong”. Even though he paints anthropologists as about the most mis-directed and irritating humans on the face of the planet, I still saw his point and grew from it.
I savored this book, rereading passages that sounded more like poetry than prose. This book is different than his other books, but only slightly: it’s one part mystery, one part detailed fiction, one part poetry, and one part revolution. Read it. Now.

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