Thursday, December 21, 2006

Right side up, or right side down?

I think this is a neat idea for a Christmas tree, especially for people who live in a small area (our house is huge this year, but odds are it will be quite small when we move away from Nannie and PawPaw’s rentals). Apparently it evokes a 12th century tradition of hanging a tree from the ceiling at Christmas, and was “originally designed for specialty stores to display delicate ornaments using a minimum of floor space. . . the inverted shape makes it easier to see ornaments, which hang away from the dense needles and do not get lost in the foliage”.
Hammacher Schlemmer offers them pre-lit and promises they are very “life like”. (Maybe lifelike for a stalactites, but not a tree.) Still, I think it is a practical design and just as visually appealing as the typically placed Christmas tree. I wonder if it really would be easier to hang ornaments.

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