Friday, October 26, 2007

warm and clean

Here's a picture of a praying mantis I met in Redlands. Creepy, I know. I raised praying manti once from an eggsack- apparently they will stay were you leave them although I only ever spotted a couple of the hundreds I placed around the properties in Carbondale.

As I attempt to warm my fingers from the heat of the laptop battery I think of what I would give right now for a hot shower. I'm waiting for my landlord to show up and fix the heat, hot water and toilet (could these tasks be any more essential?). He's said he'd be here in fifteen minutes a few times now.

I got a couple books in the mail today, one of which is supremely good: David Sutton’s “Remembrance of Repasts”.
So good, so yummy, so not what I do here at UM.

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foxofmanytales said...

biggest disapointment ever -.-. sat there every day waiting for those damn things to hatch. i saw like three.